The Most Ferocious Playlist Ever Created

I put my hand to paper a day or so ago and began to write. I started listing songs to be gathered into a single playlist for my friends ears. Before I knew it I wasn’t writing at all anymore…I had no control over the pen in my hand or the movements it was making. Some heavenly force had taken over and given me these divine songs to consolidate into one magically ferocious CD. Please Enjoy.

1. Excuses (The Morning Benders)
2. White Daisy Passing (Rocky Votolato)
3. Stranger Things (Local Natives)
4. Dead End (The Format)
5. Falling Slowly (The Swell Season)
6. Alligator (Tegan & Sara)
7. Be Calm (Fun)
8. Foregone Conclusions (Pedro The Lion)
9. Colorshow (The Avett Brothers)
10. Down River (The Temper Tra p)
11. Swimming Pools (Thao with the Get Down Stay Down)
12. Alalalone (Jukebox The Ghost)
13. Asleep (The Smiths)
14. Generator 1st Floor (Freelance Whales

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